“Never consider the possibility of failure; as long as you persist, you will be successful.”

-Brian Tracy

When one thinks of leading, thoughts usually include leading other people. Leading by example for yourself is the best role to take in the first steps of leadership, without concern of those behind you following in your footsteps. And to be utterly unconcerned if there is anyone or anything in front of you.

Lead yourself into forward momentum for your desired outcome. Those who resonate with your creations will be drawn to you and your cause without effort. It all starts with your inspired action to be completely plugged into your life and what makes you feel alive.

When you begin a driven, inspired, and focused adventure towards your goal or dream, remember to be kind to yourself while having your eyes on the prize.

The kindness I am referring to is in the realm of people who are in your life as you begin to climb.

This change you are making in your life may reveal people who are not supporting you and who may accuse you of having OCD about your direction and goal-setting shift.

I have redefined the acronym of OCD to be defined as Optimal Critiquing Dynamic and take the accusation as a compliment.

I have also learned that individuals who enjoy throwing that label onto others’ growth potentials could possibly be suffering from LPOS.

Lazy Piece Of Sugar.

Someone with LPOS can only be cured by shifting their perceptions and demonstrate respect for others’ drive and dreams.

I advise you to look around and see how many people in your environment may be afflicted with the uninspired LPOS condition; and to give them more space to grow roots where they wish to slay.

“Your task is not to seek happiness or wealth but merely to dissolve all barriers within your mind that resist it.”

-Tim Shurr

Focus on what makes you feel alive every day and stay true to the clarity of your intentions.
Stay inspired by the differences around you.

Let those differences motivate you to help increase your personal growth opportunities

The more that others are showing you what you don’t want, reveals more to you in truth what you do want.

Keep leading your life forward, and the rest will fall into place. ♦

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