Do you feel directionless with the pressure to “fit in” and wedged between decisions? Take a closer look. You are most likely trying to match yourself with the limited options suggested to you. 

If you feel misplaced or confused about getting from point A to point B for your desired health, wealth, or adventure, you are at the beginning of unlocking your pioneering spirit.

Before you unleash the pioneer within you, let’s step back and look at the definition of fitting in. Once you identify what it means to “fit in” and realize that it might no longer be your goal, you can move toward more expansive choices.

(To) Fit (in) – adjective:

Of a ‘suitable quality,’ standard, or type to meet the required purpose.

The conflict: ‘fitting in’ can become a whispering struggle within us.

Do I accommodate the group’s status quo or align with what works best for my life?

Finding the balance between the two is like standing on one leg for a long time. It’s exhausting and keeps us reaching for that ever-elusive centeredness we desire. 

‘Fitting in’ becomes a campaign of perception qualifiers used to enhance a standardized script of credibility for acceptance, success, and love. 

The truth is, it takes more effort to accommodate your perception of belonging in the standard norm than it does to be in unstoppable ownership of yourself and follow the independent directions you need to pursue.

There is more room when you stand outside of where you don’t fit.

“Being different isn’t a bad thing. It means you’re brave enough to be yourself.”

 – Luna Lovegood

The thing we all have in common is how incredibly different we are.

What inspires, motivates, and drives you will also be as uniquely individual as your DNA and fingerprints. So, it should be no surprise that ‘fitting in’ and following a similar process for all can feel unnatural. That compliance behavior is encouraged by impressions of a superficial duty to ‘stay the course.’

When you are on the brink of greatness, it usually intersects with crossing over into the fukkit factor, which is where you are ready to drop what has been holding you back and take a chance on something new. Another way to say this is that it’s a crossover into the courage you have within, knowing there is another way to create and turn your dreams into reality.

When you declare that you want to leave that ‘fitting in’ Comfort Zone (which is actually a Discomfort Zone that inhibits your creative and inspired genius from taking flight), you instantly set your life’s course in a new direction.

As you leave your Discomfort Zone, you will align with your more genuine self and launch into the most extraordinary adventures.

Your life won’t be lived by anyone else. It’s yours! Go design your own course of action!

The fact is, being different is super normal. And moving forward, acknowledging that fact will be a part of your Superpower.

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