Erika Sandor-Zur | BreakPoint

A story about Erika Sandor-Zur and her journey through the impossible. For some of us, even rock bottom isn’t low enough to learn from our mistakes or appreciate the life we’ve been given. Sometimes, it takes losing everyone and everything, even our will to live, to regain perspective and heal from the inside out. of us, […]

Chris Lee | Pandemic Paradigm Prosperity

An Interview with Kat Mische Elle Chris, tell me about the reality check you had that helped you shift gears if life? I began my education in technology, but I was always fascinated by how the mind works. I studied artificial intelligence and some psychology when I was in school. That was the start of […]

Sean Kanan | Defining Success in Yourself

When I think of discussing inspiration and how it relates to success, I become immediately impassioned! When I was asked about this topic, in my exuberance I blurted out, “Inspiration serves as the genesis of all success.” Sounds good, right? Makes sense.