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Giorgio writes epic fantasy adventure stories and is the author of the Korian series. Raised steeped in strict Sicilian culture and tradition, he’s always found comfort in music and books, often escaping to safe places where his vivid imagination could spend some time.

Giorgio is usually struck with the next phases of his creative genius while cruising nearby country roads on his motorcycle. Giorgio’s freedom on the open roads allows him to dream up wondrous worlds and the unique creatures and characters that live in them, creating successful novels. 

Success means different things to different people. What does success mean for you?

Several factors weigh into the concept of success for me.  Setting and achieving a goal and feeling satisfied with the end result and clarity of message are definitely high on the list. I want to know that I’ve written something I am proud of and that my effort resonates with readers. The feeling I get when my manuscript is completed is something I really only feel once. Surprisingly, it is different each time I finish a project, each fulfilling in its own unique kind of way. Positive feedback from readers and peers helps too! I really like the following very honest and real quote from Stephen King. It’s a great summary of what writing is and what I perceive as writing success. “Writing isn’t about making money, getting famous, getting dates, getting laid, or making friends. In the end it’s about enriching the lives of those who will read your work and enriching your own life as well.”

In the end, it’s acknowledgement from readers and peers, and recognition that I am known as the spinner of a good yarn. Achieving Bestseller status on Amazon has gone a long way toward fulfilling this recognition.

This is such an intriguing book, filled with so much adventure and passion. What or who was your inspiration?

My inspiration comes from all the fantasy and science fiction books I’ve read. Throw in some of my science background and life experiences into the mix, and viola. There were two main stories that inspired Korian: Mary Shelly’s, Frankenstein and the Modern Prometheus, and the second is The Streets of Askelon, by Harry Harisson, a short story released in 1962, also published under the title, Alien Agony. We know Shelley’s, Frankenstein. The following quote said it all for me, “I’m lonely, an outcast, hated. So I take my revenge. I destroy. I have learnt, in the absence of love, how to hate.” The second book, The Streets of Askelon, inspired the firstlings in my story.

To sum it up, I have often used the following to describe Korian. If the progeny of Pierre Boulle’s, Planet of the Apes and The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien, and the offspring of Shakespeare’s Macbeth and The Man in the Iron Mask by Alexander Dumas had a child, it would be Korian.

You’re a bestselling author, and I am sure you have a lot of fans. What was the most interesting feedback or question you have received from a reader?

I can’t say there’s been one standout comment, but there have been a few that I found interesting.  I loved one comment that described Korian as Lord of the Rings vs Dune on steroids. I thought that was pretty cool. I also enjoyed hearing from a reader who said they loved the realistic depictions of the characters in Ark of the Fallen King and were so intrigued by three creatures, they had to draw them. Inspiring others is a very cool feeling. I like the reference to Korian being described as an opulent read. I like the idea of the story resonating with readers and getting feedback like ‘Korian will leave a lasting impression on readers.” I especially like the reference once reader made to enjoying the strategically placed lessons in the book. I had to pause for a moment and think about that because I never set out to add any. Regardless, the fact that a reader took a lesson or two away for me is beyond interesting.

In ‘Korian: Ark of the Fallen King’ you create a world of your own design. What was this like for you?

This was so much fun and very enlightening. For inspiration I went through hundreds of searches on the internet, sometimes punching in key words that would open a few eyes:) I found so many wondrous and exotic places on earth, places on land and in water that take your breath away; places that I never knew existed. Our world truly is a wondrous place. The Jewel of the Wilderness was inspired by the Igazu Falls in Argentina. The Red Cliffs of Azart were inspired by the Cavendish cliffs in Prince Edward Island, Canada. These are just two examples of the many places that play integral parts in the story. I wanted the world to accentuate the magic and mysticism that resonates in all things on Endura. I feel the many amazing comments I’ve received about the worldbuilding and the detail in the description of places acknowledges that my effort in creating Endura has paid off.

I heard that you are working on book three of the series. Can you tell us a bit about it? When do you think it will be released? 

That is correct. Book three is underway.  It will pick up from where Ark of the Fallen King ends. I’ll be introducing a new realm, a few new interesting characters, and I plan to bring back one surprising character from the past. It will be faster paced than the other two books. There will be more epic battles, a few twists and I have a surprise planned for the ending. I have targeted summer of 2023 for its release, but I’ll be sure to provide updates on my website and details for other exciting promotions. Stay tuned!

I understand you are a cigar fan. What is your favorite cigar these days?

These days, my favorite cigar is essentially any genuine cigar from Cuba that I could get my hands on. In the last few years, my supply has pretty much dried up despite attempts to find sources from literally all over the world. I am happy to say, I have recently reloaded, and I am ready for any reason to light one up to celebrate. My favorite these days is the Romeo Y Julietta Wide Churchill. It’s a smooth and rich ninety-minute smoke that creates a beautiful long and strong ash tower. When paired with any Scotch from Islay, the celebration becomes that much more special.

To find Giorgio’s books:

Korian: Ark of the Fallen King’ ( it is book two of his The Korian Epic Fantasy Adventure Series) Link to website:

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