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Joe, where did your journey start?

I grew up in a tiny rural town in Illinois called Bloomingdale, which at the time had a population of 800.

I was the baby of 6 kids, and I had the best and the worst of two different kinds of worlds. My father was a raging alcoholic and physically violent.

And at the same time, my father was a brilliant mechanic and machinist who was incredible to observe when his mind was in creation mode.

I was taught to be able to look at any machine, anything tangible, and know how to assess the problem and dissect the flow of energy through it and find a way to resolve the issue. At some point for me, looking at a mechanical machine was also how I could observe the human machine.

I became incredibly intuitive in knowing how to see what was holding people back, starting with myself.

I discovered that there is a hierarchical type of energy that surrounds our lives as to how we can function within it.

Even though I had horrible experiences with my father, that same human being who harmed me, also taught me my great ability of observation and how to discover the solutions to challenges that were being presented in front of me.

At the age of thirteen, I was hit by a car, and I was thrown 100 feet from the impact. As I laid on the ground still fully intact but broken and bruised, I had a major out-of-body experience. In my recovery, I was having a hard time with our family’s catholic priest believing me when I shared what I experienced. He wanted me to stop speaking about it and considered it devil talk. I shied away from telling anyone else about what I went through which left me feeling a little lost about the subject.

During my first year of high school, I was assigned to write a short essay in my first year of English class. Part of the assignment included that we would read out loud in front of the class for our grades after we turned the paper in to be reviewed by the teacher first.

I wrote my article on my near-death out-of-body experience. The day my teacher handed back the papers she asked to speak with me privately. She told me that I was going to get an ‘A’ for my paper, but she didn’t want me to read it in front of the class. She said to me, “I think it might cause too much controversy.”

So, I stuffed this experience away again because now I felt there was no one I could reach out to and speak about it.

Four years later, I graduated from high school and a friend of mine turned me on to a man named Ram Dass. He seemed interesting so I took a summer vacation trip to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to meet him.

We met and he was great to speak to and connect with and thus we began a mentoring relationship. He was incredibly supportive in all the ways a loving parent should be. Ram Dass became very important in my life, and I considered him to be my stepfather.

The stable support and guidance I received at that time from Ram Dass helped me move forward and start a family and business in my early twenties. I felt more powerful than I had in my life.

What were you able to create from this new evolving personal power of yours?
I developed a practice for counseling and teaching primarily in the corporate world.

I also wrote a book called Repeatlessness. The book discusses how there are no two moments, or two of anything that ever actually occurs again and defines the here and now as a law that governs our entire perception of reality. That every moment is emerging brand new. Therefore, creating an opportunity for us to grow and change at any given moment.

I like to refer to the book as an owner’s manual for the human mind.

The New York Times said in their review of the book, “Repeatlessness; is the quintessential expression of repetitiveness.”

When you apply the concept of the Law of Repeatlessness to your life, you then no longer try to recreate anything. A meditative state, a flavor, or a moment of laughter. Everything you are experiencing is always brand new.

The book is designed to help people break free from trying to recreate the past, which will only lead to disappointment. Nothing is ever experienced the same way twice. The book was written to help people appreciate now, the moment they are in, more than ever. The theories in the book can be applied to both personal life and towards the growth of companies.

Once I was published, I started expanding into many other fields, into psychology, into memeology, into sociology, even into the world of physics. I enjoyed absorbing all these concepts and adding them into my personal growth.

Years moved quickly forward, and I was living in Austin, Texas enjoying my life at the age of forty-six and then God had a different plan for me. Out of nowhere, suddenly, I had a heart attack. 

When I look back to just before that moment, I realize I was putting a lot of pressure and stress on myself about getting out there in the world to tour and educate my life concepts to people who wanted to hire me to come and speak at their events.

Were you able to receive immediate help?
Yes. Thank goodness I ended up at one of the premier research facilities in the area.

They performed open heart surgery on me straight away but while I was on the table recovering from the procedure, I slipped away and died.

It was documented that I was brain dead, and a death certificate was filled out for me. I was considered officially deceased.

But, no one told me.

Twelve hours later I woke up in the morgue. I regained my consciousness cold in the dark confused. I felt something dangling across my foot when I began pounding on the door of the refrigerator cabinet I was placed in.

A member of the hospital staff opened the refrigerator cabinet door and then falls and faints. I had the bright light of the morgue coming in up from my feet and I saw my toe tag.

The lead orderly came over to take a look and said, “Holy s**t!”

The next thing I know is that I am in the ICU with 14 machines and 28 tubes running through my body.

The doctor came in to inform me about the extensive damage that I acquired throughout my body after being refrigerated for so long, and I would never be able to leave the ICU.

He said. “We don’t have the technology to even move you. So, you know, if you wanted to leave this world, we understand” — kind of permitting me to die. 

I thanked him for his opinions and then I started to get to work.

Along with my other studies in life I had been a student of Mantak Chia. His Taoist teaching guides you in how to work with energies in your body such as your life force energy, which is called your Chi, and also your Ki, which is regenerative energy.

I learned how to regenerate my life from those courses, and I was able to remember those teachings laying in the ICU and I began to apply them to my situation.

I practiced the steps every second I was awake in the hospital, slowly feeling my body become stronger every day. And then seven months later, I left the ICU.

After leaving the hospital, I had a very slow beginning but eventually, I was back up and running and into the flow of my life and feeling healthy.

From that experience, I made a course video called the Self-healing Paradigm.

What I can share here about dying is that the first thing you let go of is every idea, structure, system, and drama. Everything you ever use to give of yourself towards the perception of reality, purpose, meaning, and structure gently drifts away from you.

And the last thing you let go of is the idea that there is actually something to let go of. All the perceived separations of body and air bleed together into one. Your reality becomes a formless freedom.

With this grand type of awakening for your life’s experience, where have your ambitions taken you?
There are different aspects of my incarnation as to where my ambitions have led me. However, all of my ambitions have led me to do whatever I could to uplift and nurture the human condition.

This has led me to environmental campaigns, contributing to writing new laws, closing a nuclear power plant, removing fluoride from the municipal water supply, saving old-growth forests, supplying food banks, and creating food banks.

I have created courses called the Joe Marshalla Life Mastery System™. The system takes ten different mind mapping modalities to understand one’s true perception, function, and purpose completely and fully on the planet.

And I have also created over a dozen classes on expanding self-awareness in human consciousness which can be found on YouTube and

What words help keep your strength going during challenging times?
The past and the future are inevitable, the past and the future do not exist, they are imagined. What is next for you as you continue to move forward? Well, recently (in last 6 months) I regained functions of a portion of my brain. It literally just turned on. So that is exciting!

As a result, I am now putting my 40 years’ worth of educational materials and everything I’ve ever done into a new archive, (which is kind of like the world according to Joe) and having it presented in a new platform available at which can be accessed on any electronic device from computer, tablet to phone.

This new app contains the Joe Marshalla Life Mastery System™ which includes everything you could ever need to develop an unshakable, unwavering, centered new normal to carry with you throughout your entire life.

The technologies in these classes have been used and endorsed by Ram Dass, Wayne Dyer, John Demartini, Dr. Harold Bloomfield, and tens of thousands of people.

Who are the inspirational and influential people in your life?
The single most influential person would be Ram Dass. Other important people are: Ramana Maharshi, J. Krishna Murti, Gandhi, Usted Allah Rakha, Usted Zakir Hussein, Richard Bach, Jack Canfield, Osho, Wayne Dyer, ISHKON, John Demartini, Bernard Dorman, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla.

What is the best way for people to find you?
The best way is at Or, Joe Marshalla on Facebook, IG, and UDEMY. Or Repeatlessness on YouTube.

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