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An Interview with Kat Mische Elle

Rosalind, tell us about your life in India and how you decided to move to the United States.

Growing up in India, I had a large, encouraging family. They were always very supportive of my dreams and schooling. My parents did their best to give me a strong foundation, which I still carry forward today from my youth. My dad believed in me so much. He would tell me often, “I can visualize Rosalind, you will be impacting the world and living with purpose when you grow up. I want to work hard for you now so that you can have the opportunities to make that happen.” When I was a child, my father would come home from work and make the time to sit by me and read books that were way beyond my understanding level. When he was finished reading, he would ask me, “What do you understand from this?” The books were not storybooks or fairy tales but instead about real-time events and national issues. He read to me from when I was five years old until I was about eighteen. My father encouraged me to speak with him when I was ten years old. We would talk at the district level and state level on national and global topics.  At school, my studies were based on integral, holistic education. The studies included spirituality and understanding society, the aspects of empathy, how to play musical instruments and living a purpose. And because of my culture, I was involved with meditation as well.  With this as a foundation for my life, I could always focus and balance my day.

What was your relationship like with your mother?
My mother is a strong and kind woman who believes in self-discipline. She and my father made sure that my foundation was solid so that I would carry forward these traditions when I became an adult.

How did you view life as you stepped out on your own and away from your home?
I never viewed my ventures as taking a chance on anything. Because taking chances means you might fail. I didn’t see new endeavors on this side or the other side of success or failure. I would interpret things that interested me as a part of my vision and would progress in this regard. This included my decision to move to the United States. I saw a new opportunity for a new adventure to peruse and I followed that path which took me to both the west and the east coasts and landed me finally in New York where my next greatest dreams were able to come alive. I focus on the progress towards my vision rather than thinking about what would happen in one or five days from now, and I don’t compare myself to anybody, especially when it comes to my art.

That’s an excellent formula for success.

When I returned home from school at 4 pm as a little girl, I would start my evening with creative play until about 6 or 7 pm. I would create my artwork. I painted on canvas and did complex sketches of portraits. I would also blend in some time with my instruments and freestyle Indian classical music.

Was this a part of your parent’s protocol for you as a child?
No, I started doing this myself. I found that I was better at my academics by doing so. Because my parents saw that I was excelling at my studies, they allowed it.

Fast forward to adulthood. What was your first job?
My first job started in Information Technology. IT was my background in college. I have fifteen years of experience in IT and then ten years ago began to be recognized professionally for my artwork.  I started making money with my art when I was commissioned for paintings and custom greeting cards. And it grew in a big way from there. I then began to explore the world of construction. Because my artistic eye is fascinated with shapes and design, and I became very drawn to architecture and the designing aesthetics that go into a creative process.  I dove in and began providing services for steel structure detailing, where architecture and creative design thinking came into play. And I now develop blueprints for companies and their projects.  I can blend art and technology very well, so the construction adventure was a combined byproduct of those things.

Are you only doing design and architecture, or do you have a team that constructs the building from the ground up?
I’m expanding in that regard also. I am in the growing stage. But I have created a team of five working on the steel detailing side for my growing business.

With all that is happening for you right now, what’s next?
Since New York is a hub for art, my paintings are showing at big galleries in the city and are scheduled to be in other galleries in the country through the end of the year and into 2023. I am also in the process of having my own gallery, Rosalind’s Art Gallery, in Manhattan, New York. I want to create a nest for art lovers. I want to impact people through art.  And second, my Information Technology services are targeted to help clients with IT consulting, IT staffing, and recruitment.  I am expanding my team, we are working on more significant projects and scaling up the business.  Regarding construction, I am working on more extensive projects to use that artistic, aesthetic, and creative design thinking in the construction area as we grow. These are my visions and everything leading to living my purpose, helping humankind, impact people’s lives. I share everything with more detail in my book: Let Self Be the Leader. My in-depth biography will be launched this fall. It’s based on the principles that helped me shape my life. Self-discipline, being positive, optimistic, and living life with purpose. The book has my top ten steps of guidance. My life’s story and all my experiences are blended and incorporated throughout the book.  I am also featured in another book that came out on August 5th called Powerful Female Immigrants. Which is available now on Amazon.

Do you have a favorite artist you admire?
Bob Ross. I admire him as an artist. I loved the great inspiration and motivation he gave to people. You have had a lot of light in your life.

Are you able to narrow down the inspirational influences?
Of course, my mom and my dad because they are the living example of where I crafted my life from. I am always inspired by them. And my fiancé who always supports me emotionally. And Mother Teresa with her contribution to the world. 

What is the best way for people to stay up to date on your adventures in life and business?
The best way would be my website My IT services are, and for construction, I can be contacted at My general website is My Instagram is @RosalindPanda5. On Twitter, I’m Rosa Jublee, and on Facebook, Rosalind Panda. And on TikTok, Rosalind Panda1 For LinkedIn you can find me at Rosalind Panda.

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