Jana McMahon | Beautiful Ingredients can Sing on Their Own.

An Interview with Kat Mische Elle Jana, can you tell us how your story began? First glimpses into my childhood hold memories of my grandparents. I have always had a realistic worldview about food and its origins.  My father grew up on a farm in Iowa. My childhood summers were filled with farm life. I […]

Jennifer Spiegel Berman | I Define Myself.

An Interview with Kat Mische Elle Jennifer, what is your career? I am an employee benefits lawyer. I specialize in all the laws relating to health and welfare benefit plans.  I work with the Affordable Care Act, HIPAA, and all the tax rules that go into that.  I stopped practicing law 8 years ago when […]

Sylvan Schwab | The Boo Boo Zoo

An interview with Kat Mische Elle Sylvan Schwab, you have been on a heart-stretched journey. Share with us how this all began for you? I was born and raised in Chicago. My mother did not want animals in the house. She kept a nice, clean, sanitary household. Both my parents were immigrants from fleeing Nazi […]

Francine Sumner | The Kid in the Corner

An Interview with Kat Mische Elle Francine Sumner, please share with us your story of strength and hope. I was born in Mount Vernon, New York, and I lived there with my mom and my sister. My dad left when I was about three and a half years old, and my sister was about six […]

Alex Gambino | Inspiring and Supportive Technology in 2022 and Beyond

I was born in Brooklyn, New York and I was raised around my family and extended family.  It was a very close, traditional Italian family, with the exception of my mom, who is Polish.  My parents decided that they wanted to head out west to give my brother and me a better environment to grow […]