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I was born in Munich, Germany.  My father was a career diplomat and we traveled and lived in many countries as a result. When I was 2 years old, we moved to Taiwan where I lived until I was 8 years old. My mother had left the family, so my brother and I were looked after by Ahmas (nanny and a cook). I went everywhere my nanny went and one of those places was a Chinese pharmacy, on more than one occasion.

The “pharmacy” was full of glass jars loaded with roots, leaves, powders, dried animal parts and a whole world of wonder for me. I remember thinking “what kind of magic lived in those jars?’ I felt a kind of an aching that I had to know!

We left Taiwan when I was 8 and my father had found a new wife. The family also grew with two new children he had with her so life wasn’t quiet anymore. We settled in Bethesda Maryland for the next 4 years. Life at home was challenging so I sought out places where I could find silence and peace. I wrote stories to myself, read a lot, and even once dug out a shelter in the snow so that I could sit quietly by myself to connect with my stories and imagination.

I was always thinking of things to create and how to help people when I was a child. I organized a neighborhood fair at age 9 to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy. I Don’t remember how much we raised but we were invited to the well-known Popeye show to hand the funds over to Popeye! I was thrilled. This was my first entrepreneurial effort, and it was paving the way for a future I had yet to realize.

After Maryland, we moved to Adelaide, Australia. I loved moving to new countries, new cultures, and different people! Everything was a mystery waiting for me to discover. When my father got a new assignment, he would bring out the globe and show us where we were going! I loved that!

As I got older, my home life didn’t get better for me. My brother was sent to a boarding school, and I was living a lonely life. I was extremely independent and had to rely on myself to make life happen for me. 

My father, stepmother, my new siblings and I left for Hong Kong when I was 14 and I felt alienated in my home. I had a life pivoting experience with my health. I started to have severe pain in my stomach and my father took me to a doctor that had no idea what I might have but prescribed a new pill every week. I asked him what he was treating me for? He had no answers for me. So began my distrust of the medical profession. I never took one of those pills, (I lined them up at my friend’s house on her dresser!) and after some months it was discovered I had kidney stones that passed.

I have a very good relationship with my intuition, and I knew that the home I lived in was doing me emotionally a great deal of harm and I could do better for myself, and I had no fear around that. I managed to get myself to California and have lived on my own since. I was street smart and knew where not to go. I finished high school and a year of city college. After realizing that college was not for me, I began to find ways to get out in the world.

I graduated from cosmetology school and moved to Sonoma to work in a hair salon. After a year, the owner offered me the first opportunity to buy the salon because he was ready to retire. At that time, I was just starting to build a clientele and couldn’t buy anything. I shared with people what the salon owner proposed, and a client wanted to help me make the purchase and be my limited partner. I noticed this pattern in my life that when I knew something was meant to happen for me, people and situations appeared to support the process without me seeking them! 

With my years in the salon, I discovered my creativity through my work as a hairstylist and for developing clean, natural products.  Ambitious as I was, I then opened a natural skincare and makeup store next to my salon as well.  This was a struggle because, during that era, I was ahead of my time trying to open something like this in a small town. These concepts were really for big cities with all the foot traffic.  I then tried my adventures in a clothing boutique store. It was filled with fun cute things, and I did very well until a huge storm moved thru and the store was flooded and ruined. So, on to the next thing!

I have a very creative spirit and I can’t seem to be held down. It moves me forward and I trust it’s a God-given gift. I believe that in wherever it takes me, it is where I am meant to go. I have failed at some things while discovering myself in life, but I don’t look at it as a failure. I have gained so much wisdom and I enjoy being a perpetual learner. If I’m not learning something I feel like I’m wasting my time! 

In 2011 My husband and I went to live in Egypt, and I loved it! I spent one day in an old perfume house where they had bottles and bottles of perfumes and essential oils that they did custom blending for their customers in a beautiful hand-blown glass of all colors!

Another day I discovered a glass factory, well, more like two rooms with dirt floors. It took my driver a day and a half to find it following these dirt paths and stucco dwellings. Oh, but what a find! The glassblower made some pieces just for me as I sat in awe.  Once again, delighting in the concept of creations.

I was now living on the Big Island of Hawaii and after visiting Egypt, and returning back to Kona, I didn’t want to do hair anymore.  I prayed almost daily for a new passion. Even though I was able to take care of myself and my children with these skills all my adult life, I just didn’t feel finished creating new entrepreneurial adventures. I knew there was something more to do so one day I made the decision to learn how to make soap.  Which I made on Sundays in my salon when it was closed.  I was making a mess and even burnt a hole in my linoleum, but I did it! I made soap!  From there I took every course I could find online, devoured books, and spent lots of time experimenting. The soap adventure started me on a deep dive around healthy applications for the skin and then led me into creating herbal infusions for skin conditions, lotions for aging skin, scrubs for dull skin, and on and on. 

I once again experienced great success which led me to overwhelm and total burnout. I was still working in the salon with my full client schedule while creating a second very successful business and both required 100% of my time. I had created an exhausting cycle of using my busy salon schedule, which paid me well, to finance this my new passion. Everything took a toll and I decided to shut both venues down after running them simultaneously for 6 years.  I sold everything and took a rest. But that love of creating was still igniting me!

On my final day at the salon, I was quietly celebrating my very last haircut appointment as she arrived. But instead of just closing shop, something incredibly synchronistic took place. My last client was someone in the health business who knew about my previous body care business. She inspired me to get back in and continue my passion, research, and development with new and ever-emerging ingredients in today’s market.

I am inspired and passionate about creating healthy products, so I took from my many years of research and developed 2 oil formulas. One formula is for the face and one for the body. They are on a level, food for the skin!

 I’m currently working on an amazing pre-sun salve to protect the skin from dehydration from sunscreens and maintain moisture in the skin prior to applying sunscreen.

These natural, organic formulas are full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to help with aging and moisture-deprived skin. They are also regenerating and make your skin dewy and are non-greasy! I am a firm believer that everything we need, nature provides.   

The hydration from these formulas gave inspiration to the new product line name, Let’s Dew it.

I’m excited to be launching these first oil blends in April 2022 and this amazing next new beginning!

When I look back on my life, I am so grateful for everyone I have crossed paths with who gave me their hand to take the next step. I’ve always felt supported and have attracted wonderful influencers and even those that caused me hardship, helped me to move forward into opportunity.

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