Being Different is Super Normal

Do you find yourself feeling directionless with the pressure to “fit in” and wedged between decisions? Take a closer look. You are most likely trying to match yourself with the limited options suggested to you.  If you feel misplaced or confused about getting from point A to point B for your desired health, wealth, or […]

Erika Sandor-Zur | BreakPoint

A story about Erika Sandor-Zur and her journey through the impossible. For some of us, even rock bottom isn’t low enough to learn from our mistakes or appreciate the life we’ve been given. Sometimes, it takes losing everyone and everything, even our will to live, to regain perspective and heal from the inside out. of us, […]

Anna Maria Mendieta – Heart Strings

An Interview with Kat Mische Elle Anna Maria, where did your connection to music begin? I was born and raised in San Francisco with many Hispanic influences. My grandfathers came from Spain; my grandmothers came from Mexico and Guatemala. Every time my family would get together for gatherings such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, we would […]

Traci Jeske | Unapologetically Living and Creating A Stylish Second Act

An Interview with Kat Mische Elle Envogue Stylist, Traci Jeske is a famous international personal stylist whose expertise involves styling women of all ages, situations, and stages of life. Her styling genius not only adds a new flair to your closet, but she also has an eye for assisting your healing journey while you are […]

Joe Vitale | Magic Boxing

An Interview with Kat Mische Elle Joe, tell us about how your life began. I had an abusive father. He was an ex-marine and prizefighter. I was the firstborn when he was fresh out of the Marines. At that point, that’s after World War II in the Korean War. My father came out as a […]

Randy Tate | From Farm Kid to CEO

An Interview with Kat Mische Elle Randy, tell us about who you are. In a nutshell, I’m a farm kid from Northern California. And when I say farm kid, I mean farm kid. You know, the kind that grew their own food My dad was a contractor and my mom stayed at home. We didn’t […]

Johnnie Ghiglia | An Officer and LGBTQIA+

An Interview with Kat Mische Elle Johnnie, where did your adventure begin? I had planned on retiring from law enforcement on January 7th last year in 2021. I picked that specific day because it was the day I graduated from the academy, 21 years ago to the day. In 1994, that was also my wedding […]

Dawn Cook | ‘AND’ F.A.S.T

An Interview with Kat Mische Elle Dawn Cook, tell us about what makes you, YOU, and the inspiration that brought you there. I am a mother, I’m a wife, I’m a professional pilot and entrepreneur. I’m a best-selling author and co-founder of an incredible nonprofit that networks over 13,000 female pilots worldwide. But all that […]

Sylvan Schwab | The Boo Boo Zoo

An interview with Kat Mische Elle Sylvan Schwab, you have been on a heart-stretched journey. Share with us how this all began for you? I was born and raised in Chicago. My mother did not want animals in the house. She kept a nice, clean, sanitary household. Both my parents were immigrants from fleeing Nazi […]