Dr. Peter McCullough | Be Bold and Relentless.

An Interview with Kat Mische Elle Dr. McCullough, where did your story begin? I was born in Buffalo, New York, and my family was a middle-class working family; my dad worked in a factory, and my mother was a primary homemaker.  Our world was rocked when I finished my first year of high school, and […]

Michael Collier | Behind the Scenes. In Front of Life.

An Interview with Kat Mische Elle Michael, where are you from? I am the third generation born and raised in Los Angeles. My family began residing in San Francisco, California during the 1700s in a town called Dixon. How did you end up on the path to Hollywood?My grandmother and grandfather were in the entertainment […]

Casey Hasten | My Path. My Rules.

An Interview with Kat Mische Elle Casey, tell us about the twists and turns on your road to success. From a very young age, I was not into rules at all.  I ran away from home at three years old, and my mom helped me pack my bags. She sent me to my babysitter’s house, […]

Claudia Harvey | Success, Choices, and Values

An Interview with Kat Mische Elle Claudia, where did you begin your life? My parents were humble German immigrants who left after World War II and came to Canada in 1960. From the minute I was old enough to know anything, I knew I was adopted, and my parents didn’t hide it. And because I didn’t […]

Les Brown | Discovers the Beginning of his Inspired Hunger

An Interview with Kat Mische Elle Les, tell me about what it was like for you at the beginning of your life in your earliest memories and how did that shape you going into your teen years, leading into your 20s? I came up in a culture that was designed to destroy your sense of […]

Peaman | Stubborn Determination

An Interview with Kat Mische Elle Sean, tell us about the story of how Peaman came to be. My name is Sean Pagett, known as Peaman on the Big Island of Hawaii in the town of Kona. I was given this nickname as a child in this community 35 years ago.  Peaman, what does your […]

Anastasia Vladychynska | Shifting into the Very Real Surreal.

An Interview with Kat Mische Elle Anastasia, tell us about your life growing up in Ukraine. In 1991 I was seven years old, and I remember seeing crowds of people and the Ukrainian flag on the TV. And my parents told me, “You know, something important is happening.” It was Independence Day for Ukraine. Our […]

Amber Swenor | Unleashed and Rocking it

An Interview with Kat Mische Elle Amber, tell us about yourself. I was raised in a hardworking Midwestern family. We were always trying to get ahead, but the money made was just enough to pay tomorrow’s bills. I was the first generation in my family to graduate high school, and I was valedictorian. I was […]

Sean Higgins | Listening for the Codes

An Interview with Kat Mische Elle Sean, how did you start to see the path ahead of you starting from childhood? Growing up, my father always told me I would attend University after high school, no matter what. He did not have a university degree and always felt he worked harder than he should have […]